25 November 2021

Community Conversation: Bringing Communities Together

Re-launching ‘Our Wellbeing District’: A series of Community Conversations, hosted by Lancaster City Council & partners in the health and voluntary/community sectors, to support wellbeing and community building in our district.

Throughout Covid-19, Lancaster City Council has made strong links with community groups, businesses and residents in response to the many impacts the pandemic has had on people’s wellbeing.

Feelings of isolation, loneliness, and disconnection have all increased and we want to do all we can to bring communities and people back together.

Join us at our next Community Conversation where we will reflect back over the last eight conversations. You will hear from Lancaster City Council, along with representatives from the health sector and Lancaster District CVS, about the action we have taken from these conversations to support communities and bring people together.

We will also take some time to co-design our future Community Conversations and to discover where they are currently taking place across our district.

This conversation will take place via Microsoft Teams. To register your interest please click here.